The fixed variant of 2007 Qui Gon

Qui Gon Jinn (2007)
is a variant of Qui Gon Jinn released and appeared only in 2007 in the Republic Cruiser set. This was the first minifigure to reintroduce Qui Gon after his 2000 absence from the Lego Starwars line. This variant originally had Obi Wan Kenobi from Episode 3's head, but later on Lego replaced it with first and only flesh-colored rendering of Qui Gon's original head. This variant, like Obi Wan in the same set, does not include his hair.

Errored Variant MentioningEdit

As mentioned before, this variant of Qui Gon used to have Obi Wan's head from Episode 3. This was mentioned in Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, in a section named "Qui Gon Wrong".


The errored Qui Gon

Price Range

The Errored render can go to about $6-$30 since it is extremely rare, and only being in the early productions of 7665 Republic Cruiser, which almost all of them are already owned. The second one that contains the proper head can go from $5-$15.