R2-D2 is an astromech droid that plays a large part in the Starwars Saga. He is a blue R-series astromech droid. He is friends with a protocol Droid named C3-PO. He first made his way into the saga when he saved the heros of Starwars 1 when they were attacked by Trade Federation Starships by fixing the Forcefield generator. He is the first Astromech droid in Lego Star Wars.



The original version had a small amount of printing, but its pieces remained the same until 2006.

Sail BargeEdit

In the set based off of Jabba's Sail Barge, R2-D2 has a 2X4 piece between his torso and dome piece to serve as a tray with cups.

Redesigned headEdit

In 2008, R2 got a head with more printing and a gray colour, while his other pieces remained the same.

Clone WarsEdit

In 2009, R2 got a more "cartoony" look with less detailed printing on his dome and torso.