Watto is a Toydarian junk dealer on Tatooine where he sells droid parts. He was also the owner of Shmi and her son, Anakin Skywalker, when he was a slave. He has appeared in two Lego sets with a different look in both sets. In the Phantom Menace he was forced to free Anakin by Qui Gon Jinn after losing a bet with him. According to a Non-Canonical Comic, he was killed by Darth Maul who has looking for Obi Wan.


The original Watto in the 2001 Watto's Junkyard set has a plain blue head and torso with no printing. This variant is very rare. The 2011 version of Watto in the Anakin and Sebula's Podracers set is more detailed on the head and torso which are all a single piece. Other Lego Star Wars minifigures have similar parts. He has a round tummy filled with gasses and short Lego legs unlike the 2001 version which had normal lego legs. He has a printed utility belt filled with equipment. He also has wings on the back of him, yellow eyes and a long snout. Both versions of Watto have a stand for the minifigure. His 2001 version consists of Blue legs with Brown hips, a plain blue Torso piece, and a completely blue combined Head, Torso, and Wings piece. His new variant consists of short, unposable Legs, a blue torso with Gray hands to represent gloves, and a new, detailed, redesign of his combined Head, torso, and wings piece.


The latest version of Watto